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Sunday Setlists…6/24/12

This post is part of what is going on over at the worship community…specifically with the weekly posts of setlists done in churches all over world. you can check the submissions for this past weekend here. For The Woods, it was another morning to celebrate. For the McKanna family it was a special weekend, as our new church family officially welcomed us.

But back to the logistics of the service right?!

Our service and setlist at The Woods North Campus went as follows…

1. Tell The World…by Hillsong United in A

Then I gave a quick welcome with a turn and greet time. Pastor Lerrin came up for announcements and offering set up…

2. Counting on God…by New Life Worship in B

3. Let God Arise…by Chris Tomlin in B

Next was our new sermon series bumper…followed by our week 1 message by Pastor Lerrin on how not to stay stuck. He closed up the message by setting up a ministry and response time.

4. Sweetly Broken…by Jeremy Riddle in B

5. Marvelous Light…by Charlie Hall in B

6. Victorious…by Gateway Worship in B

I closed out the service encouraging everyone to go out and live victoriously in the week ahead…but to not leave too soon because there was a cookout/party after the service.


The service itself started out a little slow, if you know what I mean. It’s summer time in Michigan and people up here enjoy the weather when they can. Sometimes that means people tend to take their time coming into the service itself. This week was one of those weeks. But by the time we were taking the offering, the people had filed in.

I tried a more abrupt ending to Counting on God, as opposed to the more acapella ending that slows down. I also asked the drummer to hit the roll and start Let God Arise, right away. This was a little tricky because we were using a click track Counting on God, but not for Let God Arise. He pulled it off perfectly! The energy was definitely there by the time we got to the message. I’m even thinking it was just too much energy to then bring back down right away…but who knows.

Pastor Lerrin did a great job of keeping people engaged and spoke on a very relevant issue for everyone. His message was entitled, Going No Where and the passage that he used was John 21. He set up the ministry time of allowing God to break us free and get us out of being stuck. I played acoustic behind him to set up Sweetly Broken. It was our first week for this tune, which is undoubtedly my favorite to lead, and the band picked it up great! The final three song set went very smooth. Again we used a click track for the final song, but my drummer got that started quickly and I spoke briefly just to break up any dead space.

I would love input on using click tracks and how to keep from having dead space if they are used back to back…! Right now I set up each click track as its own playlist on an iPod classic. Our drummer has to manually start each one. I’m still getting used to using them and how to set them up for smooth transitions…

The welcome party was AMAZING! The church brought in a bounce house and an ice cream cart, in addition to the grilling that was going on. It was great to see about 80% of our congregation stick around and take part in the welcome. I’m not sure which the kids enjoyed more, the bounce house or the ice cream cart. I was all over the Choco Taco, so there was no questioning my favorite. Afterwards as I was driving home, I was overwhelmed at the kindness and generosity of so many people. From the simple kind words and introductions to welcome cards and even gift cards for our family. We are more than blessed!

So there you have it…

Sunday Setlists…6/24/12…

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