Monthly Archives: February 2014

so what do you do?

This is the desk I made from a vintage player piano that no longer worked.


so what do you do at 3:30am when your 4 year old wakes you up because he had an accident and then you simply can’t go back to sleep?

that’s an easy one…you lay in bed and think about things and people you don’t usually take the time to think about. you think about a man that was taken at least 22 years too early and all of the things that you learned from him. how to work hard and have a lot of fun. you think about the crazy things that he built for you during the 15 years you had with him. about how much fun he would be having with that 4 year old son that just woke you up and the crazy things he would be building for him.

then you realize that you have something stuck in your teeth and it really hurts. so you go find the dental floss  you work hard to avoid and finally put it to use!

of course you move on to thinking about people that you wish you could meet in a coffee shop and simply spend a couple hours with. some of those people you’ve never met and most likely never will. but they intrigue you and you want to sit next to them and listen to their story. some of them you just don’t get to see see anymore because you or they have moved away. besides there isn’t enough time in the day to fit all of those conversations in. (the coffee there would be time for.)

the next obvious choice would be to think about the people around you that are hurting or struggling through life. you think about all of the things that could make life better for them. you think about all of the things you wish would go away. you think about those who have lost loved ones, lost jobs, have struggling relationships or are battling illness. you think about wrapping your arms around them and telling them that they will make it through.

you think about what all you’ve made it through. about the marriage you don’t deserve. about the kids that you’re not supposed to have. about that blood clot that was found in time. about the gifts and talents that you’ve been blessed with and a job that allows you to use them each and every day. about the many people that have invested in you over 37 years. about the few that actually believe in you. about all that you’ve learned and even more left to learn. you become overwhelmed with thankfulness.

then you get up because it’s 4:30am and you don’t want to wake anyone else up with your random thinking. not to mention the tears and sniffing.  you open up your laptop and try to remember how to log in to that blog of yours that has been just sitting there unused for quite some time. you figure it out and start typing away only to realize that you really miss writing random thoughts like these. but you don’t want to be woken up at 3:30am to write them!

so you go back to thinking about coffee and how you should go make some…

at least that’s what i do.

so what do you do?