Sunday Setlists…7/22/12

This post is part of what is going on over at The Worship Community…specifically with the weekly posts of setlists done in churches all over the world. You can check out the submissions for this past weekend here. For purposes of this post, it involves what occurred at the North Campus of The Woods Church.

After two weeks away from leading worship, I can definitely say that I am glad to be back! I enjoyed visiting the beach and spending time with family…BUT I didn’t enjoy watching/hearing the flu go through the family while on vacation! ANYWHO…

Here we go…

1. God is With Us Now…by Gateway Worship in A

This was followed by the welcome and announcement time by yours truly. At this point there was a great highlight video from a recent youth trip out to the Desperation Conference in CO.

2. Rise and Sing…by Fee in B

3. God is Alive…by Fee in B

At this point I set up the offering time as well as gave a short spiritual direction focused on John 9. I tried to tie in what God had been speaking to me about, on giving and serving others…as well as hit on our summer reading program at The Woods, which was focused on John 9 and 10 last week. (Hopefully I did so in a way that made sense to those listening.)

4. Mighty to Save…by Hillsong United in A

5. O The Blood…by Gateway Worship in A

6. The Stand…by  Hillsong United in A

This was followed up by a time of corporate prayer, handled by David Hutsko. Pastor David is our Teach Pastor at The Woods and was speaking for us at North Campus this past weekend.

Our bumper video followed, right into his message on finding true retreat with God, speaking from Luke 5.


The service seemed to flow well for us. It was the second time to open with God is With Us Now…in the same month. I did that to make sure that it was still fresh in everyone’s mind, being a new song. The congregation really seemed to come alive through those first three songs and I’m thinking the highlight video from the youth trip helped out quite a bit!

Pastor David did a great job of setting the stage with his story of how much work it is to go on vacation and how we often need a vacation from our vacation. He challenged everyone and two of his questions really hit home with me…1) Is it just like me to regularly get away and just allow God to speak into me? 2) Or to allow Him to energize me?

For me it was an interesting weekend, being my first weekend back from vacation and also having our campus pastor gone…I felt a little more stress than was probably even called for. But I wanted to make sure that things could still function well, so he doesn’t feel like the burden of every weekend service is on him…if that makes sense. I thought things went really well and I didn’t get fired Monday morning…

so there you have it…

what was your Sunday Setlist like?


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