Sunday Setlists…7/1/12

This post is part of what is going on over at The Worship Community…specifically with the weekly posts of setlists done in churches all over the world. You can check out the submissions for this past weekend here. For purposes of this post, it involves what occurred at the North Campus of The Woods Church.

Here we go…

1. God is With Us Now…by Gateway Worship in A

I welcomed everyone and set up our July 4th video…here is a link to the video we used…

Next our service host, Christen, came up and worked through the announcements and a turn and greet time…

2. We Are the Free…by Matt Redman in A

3. Your Love Never Fails…by Jesus Culture in A

Lerrin, our campus pastor came up to set up the offering time…

4. Great I Am…by Jared Anderson in C

5. Forever Reign…by Hillsong in C

6. I Want to Know You…by Jesus Culture in C

We had a time of ministry and prayer, handled by Lerrin as well…

Then our series bumper video was played and Lerrin introduced the speaker for the morning. It was our youth pastor from the South Campus, Matt Ciaramitaro.


This past week was a seemed to really fly by! We decided to completely redesign our stage and give it a fresh look. So with the help of a couple volunteers I stripped it all down on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were spent making the changes and constructing pieces to go on the stage. Here are some shots of the change…

This is a shot from Easter 2012… This is the beginning of our tear down… Measuring, cutting, and predrilling… Constructing..and painting… Side angle of the finished product… View from the booth on Sunday morning…

I found a design of imitation truss on Church Stage Design Ideas…we decided to give it a try and it worked out great! In the end we constructed four 5 foot truss for right at $200. That includes the PVC, screws, spray paint…and the cleaner and adhesive that we bought, but didn’t use. We added some insulation panels to the back wall, that our South Campus had previously used and were going to store away…I was very pleased with how things turned out and with the money that we didn’t have to spend to make it look good! I had numerous people comment on the stage and how they liked the change.

The service went great. We were actually introducing the first tune and the band did a great job! The congregation was very involved in the worship time, especially during our second set. I could really sense God’s presence during our ministry/prayer time and it was evident that God was speaking to people, long before the teaching began. Matt’s message focused in on how we should fear God and not man…with some great real life situations where we all fear men. The congregation was really dialed in to what he was sharing.

(Side note…I hope to have a link or links up soon for the messages and worship sets…)

So there you have it…

Sunday Setlists…7/1/12


One thought on “Sunday Setlists…7/1/12

  1. John Zerbe says:

    Oh sure you are going to set up links of the worship set for everyone…I thought I was special!

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